Media Kit

McConnell Golf Media Kit

McConnell Golf Logo 
The McConnell Golf logo is a unique graphic symbol designed to identify the company and its services. The standards set forth are established to assure the integrity of the design in all media, color, and dimensions. All uses must be in strict conformity with these standards and must incorporate the highest level of design, dignity, and good taste. This symbol must be reproduced accurately within the terms outlined.

The symbol may be reproduced only from an original file obtained from the McConnell Golf, LLC Marketing Department. Please contact the McConnell Golf Marketing Department with required logo dimensions, place(s) of use and desired file type. Use of logo versions found online, whether pulled from the McConnell Golf website or found elsewhere are not approved by the organization. 

The symbol must never be altered in any way and must always appear in the configurations specified. No copy or other visual material may be printed over or superimposed on the symbol or on any other related graphic material.

Logo and McConnell Golf lock-up
In most instances locking-up the logo with the company name is necessary. In this case, use one of the appropriate logo lock-ups for your application.


Color Palette

The McConnell Golf color palette consists of several colors; primary being blue and red and secondary yellow. These should be used consistently across all media to ensure brand recognition.

Use of Mark

It’s important to maintain consistency and every application of the McConnell Golf logo should strengthen and reinforce the company’s positive image.
1. Do not use a background of inadequate contrast
2. Do not stretch or distort the mark in any way
3. Do not use colors other than those listed in these guidelines
4. The logo should never be altered from its original format